Monday, July 26, 2010

Computer Programs That Will Improve Your Computer Skills

The operating system which helps the elements of your personal computer interact, but it can't perform practical tasks such as letter writing and calculating your bills. For these jobs you need to use additional software called applications or programs which is designed to carry out specific tasks. Here are a few computer programs that will improve your skills:
- Microsoft Word. A powerful word processor that's able to produce written documents of all kinds, including letters, memos, newsletters and posters. You can create documents from scratch yourself or, for many types of document, you can use one of the program's Wizards or templates. The Wizards let you choose the content and how the document looks, while the templates have a preset layout.
- Excel. A spreadsheet program used for organizing and calculating numerical data. It is ideal for keeping track of all types of budgets and accounts. Like all spreadsheets, it takes the form of a grid containing cells into which you input figures and formulas to calculate the figures. Excel allows you to have several spreadsheets or worksheets within the same document, and to enter calculations using figures from each of the worksheets. This is particularly useful when organizing a major event that includes mini-projects.
- Outlook. A desktop information management program that contains an address book into which you can enter contact details for friends, family and business associates. Also has a diary and calendar that will help you to keep track of your current schedule and appointments. Outlook can also be used to send and receive email through the internet or through an internal company network.
- Powerpoint. This is most often used in business. It enables you to create presentations for conferences, company meetings and marketing projects. It helps your business to structure information efficiently and do graphics within your text. It even offers animation effects to maximize the impact of your presentations. You can also use powerpoint at home to make a computerized slide show for your friends and family.
It's always a good ideal to learn different computer programs because knowing what each program, especially in your bundled software package can do will help you decide which will be the most appropriate for the tasks you want to perform.
Fortunately, many people these days have discovered that the best way to learn new skills fast, is through the use of Video Lessons (whenever possible). By using new and improved Video Lessons, you will be able to Master Basic Computer Skills fast. You'll be able to see every step necessary to perform every task you need on your computer. You will drastically improve your learning ability by a hundred folds, if you use video tutorials to learn new skills, compared to someone who still insist on learning new skills from books only (the old fashion way). So many people who have already try learning new skills or learning Basic Computer Skills fast from books only, always end up not acquiring basic Computer Knowledge fast. This is because, the more you read, the more confused you'll become, as you try to understand so many things and terms at the same time. So many things or terms that you probably never heard of before


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