Friday, July 23, 2010

5 tips that are always fresh pc

Maybe you feel a significant difference when new windows are installed with the long-time windows are used, so the computer always felt there was a few quick tips that you should not forget.The following are a few: 

1.Organize file.maintain file and folder in your hard drive to be more easily fixed teratur.alasan in carrying out the cleaning of files and removal is not in need, other than that try every other month-files that are not in need anymore. 
2.Keep Location Of The Program.after installing a program on the system do not change the name of the program directory or move files from one place to another within the disk, if you do lose track of the computers in the search for the file. 
3.Update Driverssoftware driver allows applications to communicate with computer peripherals, so the computer manufacturers recommend visiting the website once a year to get the latest updates. 
4.Keep Clean Our ComputerDust is usually a chip in the computer so much heat and clog the circulation.clean up least six months, do not use cloth, but use compressed air aerosol tube. 
5.Shutdown Proceduralalmost all the operating systems already provide a procedure to shut down the computer, turn off power at the time of the operating system to work could damage the system and damage to computer components.


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