Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Simple Guide to Keyboard Cleaning

Is your space bar sticking, or certain keys on your computer keyboard are no longer working, or you must bang it hard to get the character to show up? It is almost certain that you need to take the time to do a keyboard cleaning. This task can be quite simple, or perhaps not if the keyboard is full of gunk and perhaps liquid was spilled into it.
We hope to offer you some quick and easy techniques and tips to have a nice clean keyboard. We will start with the easiest, and then move on to the more difficult. First, make sure you have available the following items: cotton swaps, compressed air with adapter, clean, a lint free dry cloth, cleaning solution such as isopropyl alcohol, vacuum and a screw driver (flat tip).
Be sure to first power off your computer, and unplug it.
Step 1: This one will of course be the easiest and with any luck you won't have to take your keyboard apart. Use either your mini vacuum, or the compressed air, and try clearing out all the dust and dirt from within the crevices of the keys. Try turning the keyboard upside down and shake it to stir up anything that might be caked onto the inside bottom.
Step 2: Now take your cotton swabs and dip them into the cleaning solution. Go around each of the keys and clear out any debris from within them. Take your time in this keyboard cleaning step.
Step 3: Take your cloth and dip it into the solution and slowly clean keyboard areas and around keys and buttons. Let dry and do it a second time.
At this point, you can turn on your computer to see if that is all that was needed. However, if the buttons and keys are still sticking you must now proceed to a more difficult aspect of keyboard cleaning. You should do this systematically, by trying to correct the buttons and keys which have been giving you the most problems.
Step 1: Use your screwdriver and start with your space bar. Be very careful when taking off the button. There are numerous springs that must be put back in place.
Step 2: Once the key, button, spring is off, you will need to use a cotton swab dipped in the cleaning solution and clean the areas thoroughly. You may want to use the cloth as well to take out any debris or larger gunk that might be stuck there.
Step 3: Put the key plus springs back in place. Press a few times to make sure it is connected properly. Repeat the above 3 steps for the keys and buttons. Once done, power back up your PC and see if this keyboard cleaning method has worked. In the event that none of this helped you get a clean keyboard that is working, you might have to purchase a new one.
If you want to have a clean keyboard, and need more help please read visit us at Computer Too Slow to get a more information on keyboard cleaning and other computer repair tips.

Best Tips to Get Metallic Ink For Your Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printer usually contains cartridges for four basic colors. Those for basic colors usually called as CMYK, stands for Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Key (black). However, some documents printed for artistic purposes usually needs ink with silver or metallic colors. On which cartridge you should place this certain ink?
Actually, this is not a big deal. What you need to do is going to any suppliers or stores and finding metallic cartridges for inkjet printer device. These products could be inserted into the standard black ink cartridge slot of your printer fitly. So, you just need to replace your black cartridge in your printer with the metallic one. Follow these simple steps, and you will get best artistic documents such as name cards or invitations with metallic color easily.
First, determine certain metallic color that matches your requirements, whether it is silver, gold, or any other metallic colors. Then, go to some suppliers and stores to find out cartridges for certain color that you need to have. For silver ink, you have to pick up silver cartridge, and so on. Besides, make sure that the cartridge is compatible with your printer, so it can perform its best performance in printing documents.
Once you get the most appropriate product, you can remove the black cartridge of your printer device and replace it with the new metallic one. Install this new cartridge and you can start printing any artistic documents whenever you need. Whether you need to print name cards, invitations, brochures, or many other documents that need artistic touch, your printer will give you great support. You should also use best quality of ink as well as best quality of paper in order to get documents in great quality of printing result.
Since finding metallic cartridges are easy enough to do, you will always find the most appropriate product for your needs. Are you ready to shop?
There are many types of inkjet printer cartridge as your best replacement option to be provided in your home. Some great quality of cheap printer cartridges are also available to help you save more money.

Learn More About Laser Printers

Laser printers have been the undisputed rulers of the printing market in the last few years. They have delivered a huge blow to the former ink jet printers that had good features to give however were sloe and worked with low volumes of paper.
Laser printers work on a very easy principle that uses heat to attract a fine powder to adhere to the paper to form characters in the spots that will be especially heated in advance to receive that toner powder.
Laser printers also can offer a great amount of positive features and I will not keep you waiting, I'll get straight to it:
Faster printing - a good printer can print anywhere between 30 to 50 sheets of paper per minute which is a lot faster than the ink jet technology that allows you to print anywhere between 8 to 12 pages per minute.
No smearing - the fine toner powder that adheres to the paper will keep your documents relatively safe from smearing. Even water is a minor inconvenience as long as you press the paper gently instead of wiping it.
True black - you can call this a trademark of the printers and even if your are using a dual layer ink jet printer you will not get the crisp, perfect black that the laser printer can offer.
Higher number of pages per cartridge - even though a cartridge for a laser printer is more expensive then the ink jet version it will last you much longer and thus you will receive greater value relative to your expenses.
The printer is on top of the market today and for good reason. If you do decide to buy this product rest assured that you will not regret your choice.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Windows 7 Official Phone Coming in October

LONDON - The riddle of certainty regarding when Windows Phone 7 released by Microsoft has finally answered. In October a good time for the operating system for smart phones is launched.
Microsoft COO Kevin Turner is said that the transition Phone Windows 7 will begin within two months (October). Europe will become the first region to get this OS-based devices.
After Europe, added Turner, the United States will follow shortly thereafter. Phone Windows 7 is expected to be available in November. Tech Tree, so that was launched on Wednesday (04/08/2010).
Windows Phone 7 are considered some circles, including the OS obsolete when compared with Apple and Android. Section, interface and OS over Windows Mobile formerly were considered not to follow developments.
According to analyst Rob Enderle Redmon, Microsoft still has the opportunity to regain smart phone market, although likely to occur berlahan until 2015.
Fortunately, some vendors such as HTC, Samsung, LG, Dell, and Asus are still willing to pin this OS on their products. Thousands of mobile Windows Phone ready prototype produced by a number of vendors giants.

Software iPad & iPhone Troubled?

CALIFORNIA - Apple's in trouble again, this time regarding the software that runs on iPhone and iPad device hers. From the research results of three security companies, softwre in the two gadgets that can be broken into there is the possibility of hackers.
According to Symantec Corp. and the company's Lookout and Vupen, IOS vulnerability that also runs on Apple iPod Touch allows hackers to control the lack of this device. The hackers who fail to take advantage of holes patched by Apple.
"We should not too surprised that there are any bugs in complex software," said Kevin Mahaffey, Chief Technology Officer Lookout, as quoted by Softpedia, Thursday (08/05/2010).
Added by it, hackers will fool the user to visit a web site with PDF documents are infiltrated by a virus, before eventually poison the iPad tablet or iPhone.
Hearing the report, Apple's direct action. Through a spokeswoman, Natalie Harrison said that this company know about this report and are investigating.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Update Froyo for Galaxy S Leaking on the Internet

Samsung I9000 S Galaxy will provide updates Android operating system v2.2 (Froyo) scheduled for September. However, the update has been circulating on the Internet today.
It was not involuntary, Samsung did indeed provide a link to the official firmware update Froyo trial version for users who want to Galaxy S 'taste'. Samsung I9000 is the first opportunity to adopt Froyo on-board (called I9000XXJP1) have been prepared to be downloaded.
Follow the instructions carefully and thoroughly. I9000XXJP1 quite stable and definitely faster for the performance of the eclair (Android v2.1). But, according to the experiences of several people who have tried it, performance will still be severe if forced multitasking.
Galaxy S Samsung I9000 comes with a capacity of RAM 512 RAM. Dimensionless phone 6.4 x 12.4 x 0.9 cm and weighs 118 grams first appeared with Android OS 1.2 alias eclair. For the CPU, Samsung's ARM Cortex A8 processor buried powered 1GHz.
From the multimedia side, there is a 5MP camera is 2592 x 1944 pixels resolution with autofocus features, geo-tagging, touch-focus, face detection, and smile, which is also equipped with video recorder function.
Meanwhile, for connectivity, Galaxy, S presents data access 3G HSDPA 7.2 Mbps / 5.76 Mbps HSUPA, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 3.0 A2DP and micro USB 2.0.
In Indonesia, Samsung's flagship touchscreen mobile phone was sold at Rp6, 49 million, complete with free internetan 500MB per month for six months from Telkomsel.
At the world level, Samsung S Galaxy received well. Recently, the product is aligned with Google's iPhone Nexus One and four as one of three touch screen mobile phone version of the best in the world of British Daily Telegraph.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Epson cx3100 manual PDF service

epson cx3100
The easy to use photo quality Multi Functional Printer, which combines stand alone colour copier capabilities with a 600 x 1200 dpi scanner and print speeds of up to 14ppm in black text (A4 Memo pattern, economy mode). The Stylus CX3100 can also make full BorderFree copies and prints.

printer service manual please download this pdf file formatted to help your own service this printer .. hopefully useful.
Download here

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