Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Software iPad & iPhone Troubled?

CALIFORNIA - Apple's in trouble again, this time regarding the software that runs on iPhone and iPad device hers. From the research results of three security companies, softwre in the two gadgets that can be broken into there is the possibility of hackers.
According to Symantec Corp. and the company's Lookout and Vupen, IOS vulnerability that also runs on Apple iPod Touch allows hackers to control the lack of this device. The hackers who fail to take advantage of holes patched by Apple.
"We should not too surprised that there are any bugs in complex software," said Kevin Mahaffey, Chief Technology Officer Lookout, as quoted by Softpedia, Thursday (08/05/2010).
Added by it, hackers will fool the user to visit a web site with PDF documents are infiltrated by a virus, before eventually poison the iPad tablet or iPhone.
Hearing the report, Apple's direct action. Through a spokeswoman, Natalie Harrison said that this company know about this report and are investigating.


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