Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Windows 7 Official Phone Coming in October

LONDON - The riddle of certainty regarding when Windows Phone 7 released by Microsoft has finally answered. In October a good time for the operating system for smart phones is launched.
Microsoft COO Kevin Turner is said that the transition Phone Windows 7 will begin within two months (October). Europe will become the first region to get this OS-based devices.
After Europe, added Turner, the United States will follow shortly thereafter. Phone Windows 7 is expected to be available in November. Tech Tree, so that was launched on Wednesday (04/08/2010).
Windows Phone 7 are considered some circles, including the OS obsolete when compared with Apple and Android. Section, interface and OS over Windows Mobile formerly were considered not to follow developments.
According to analyst Rob Enderle Redmon, Microsoft still has the opportunity to regain smart phone market, although likely to occur berlahan until 2015.
Fortunately, some vendors such as HTC, Samsung, LG, Dell, and Asus are still willing to pin this OS on their products. Thousands of mobile Windows Phone ready prototype produced by a number of vendors giants.


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